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Best California zoos & wildlife parks

A visitor's guide

With wide range of environments, its coasts, desert, temperate areas and mountains , California is a state that is well suited to hosting different kinds of zoos and wildlife parks. And it does. California has over 25 zoos,

The best zoos and wildlife parks in California

Here are the best theme parks in the state of California, listed by category.

Amusement parks

Information and price comparison: prices indicated are for standard single person 1-day basic admission prices in 2017 to park and/or rides.

Los Angeles and southern California

Zoos, wildlife and Safari parks

California generally has the highest gas (petrol) prices in the USA. This may come as a surprise for visitors who imagine that California is the most car-friendly place in the world.  But while a car is essential to get round California's sprawling cities or cross its large expanses of countryside and desert, California's car-dependency has come at a cost – notably the cost of urban pollution. Higher gas prices are there to encourage Californians and visitors to use smaller more fuel-efficient vehicles and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Free admission to amusement parks 

Some parks offer "free admission".  This means that the park itself is free to enter. Visitors can enjoy the atmosphere, eat in the caf�s and food outlets, buy trinkets and do other things; but to use the rides, they must either have a pass or wristband, or in some cases pay for individual rides as they use them.

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