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Like most websites, About-California.com can only be used to its full by computers that accept cookies. 

Privacy :

About-California.com does not store or record any personal information about visitors to the site. About-California.com does not maintain any form of online database, and does not transmit, give or sell any information to any third parties.  


   Cookies are a standard Internet protocol; almost all websites use them, and they do not store personal information, though some cookies will collect information about your browsing habits.
   Cookies are tiny bits of code that are automatically sent to any computer connecting to a page of the website.
    About-California.com cookies are GDPR-compliant, and are only used to log anonymous statistical data, and to ensure necessary page functions.
    Tracking cookies log analytical data relating to the number and origin of visitors to the website, and the pages viewed. This allows us to know what parts of the website to develop,  where our users are located (city level), but not who they are.

    European law obliges all websites liable to be viewed by users within the European Union to inform you of our cookie policy, and how to prevent cookies being stored on your computer.
    If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can instruct your browser to refuse them. However, cookies can play an important part in allowing websites to interact efficiently with your computer, and serve you the information best suited to what you want, and where you are located. If you block cookies in general, you will disable certain browser functions, notably with regard to logging in to certain websites, viewing the right pages in the right language, or making online purchases, for which cookies are essential.

For further information on blocking cookies, see allaboutcookies.org
   About-California.com does not show any externally generated advertising. We show fixed affiliate links to carefully selected travel service websites.  By clicking an external link, whether for a travel service or for any other purposes, visitors will be taken to a third party website which will set its own cookies, over which About-California.com has no control, and to which About-California.com has no access.  
   By continuing to use our website, you implicitly agre to accept our cookies, unless you disable them on your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or other) .

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