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California - a short guide to California

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An incomplete guide to discovering California

If California were an independent nation, it would be the 11th largest economy in the world. As it is, California is the biggest state in the USA by GDP, and the third largest in size – which pretty well says it all.  
  The "Republic of California" is quite big enough to be a nation in its own right, and in terms of tourism, ir it were a nation in its own right, would stand in the top five world tourism destinations. And that is hardly surprising. California is the most diverse state in the USA, and the state with the widest range of tourism opportunities.
   From the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the hot sunbaked deserts of Death Valley, from the Alpine landscapes and massive forests of Sequoia National Park to the stunning rock-formations of Yosemite, from the dramatic coastal landscapes and small towns of rural California, to the great city of Los Angeles and the unique historic city of San Francisco, California has something for everyone... and indeed plenty for everyone.
  For those seeking a trip back in time, California is the destination end of historic Route 66, the Mother Road, that can still be followed for many miles through the California back country. Or up there in the hills, there are some amazing ghost towns to be discovered, like Bodie, once (for a few years) one of the wildest and most thriving gold-mining towns in the West, in the days when the West was wild.
  For those more interested in fabulous and incredible landscapes, a trip north or south from San Francisco on the twisting and turning California Highway 1, which hugs the coastline all the way from San Luis Obispo north of LA, to Leggett, 150 miles north of San Francisco, is a must.
  And of course California is a lot more than that; it is  great beaches, and surf,  and sea-shores, it is a state with amazing wildlife, and of course it is Hollywood and Disneyland and so much more into the bargain.

Originally colonised by the Spanish, California became a part of the United States of America in the year 1848, at the end of the  Mexican-American war.
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